By definition from the United States Postal Service the City Carrier delivers and collects mail on foot or by vehicle providing customer service in a prescribed area, outdoors in all types of weather. Carriers may be required to carry mailbags on their shoulders. A mailbag full of mail can weigh up to 35 pounds. Carriers have to load and unload trays and containers of mail and parcels weighing up to 70 pounds. Carrier duties require prolonged standing, walking, and reaching.

City carrier applicants must have a current valid state driver’s license, a safe driving record, and at least
two years of documented driving experience.

City Carrier Job Duties Include:

  1. Obtain signed receipts for all mail.
  2. Sort mail for delivery.
  3. Deliver mail to residences and businesses along specified routes.
  4. Collect mail from homes, businesses, and public mailboxes and bring them to the Post Office.
  5. Turn in money and receipts collected along mail routes.
  6. Sign for cash-on-delivery and registered mail.
  7. Record address changes and redirect mail.
  8. Register, certify, and insure parcels and letters.
  9. Hold mail for customers who are away from their homes.
  10. Pick up the mail for routes from Post Offices.
  11. Enter change of address orders into computers.
  12. Bundle mail in preparation for delivery.
  13. Return incorrectly addressed mail to senders.
  14. Report any unusual circumstances concerning mail delivery.

City Carrier Salary:

$35,190 – $58,427 Annually

City Carrier Benefits Include:

  1. Health Insurance
    The Postal Service participates in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program, which provides excellent coverage and flexibility with most of the cost paid by the Postal Service. There are many plans available, including both traditional insurance coverage and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Employee premium contributions are not subject to most taxes, making health insurance even more affordable.
  2. Retirement
    The Postal Service participates in the federal retirement program, which provides a defined benefit annuity at normal retirement age as well as disability coverage.
  3. Life Insurance
    The Postal Service offers coverage through the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program. The cost of basic coverage is fully paid by the Postal Service, with the option to purchase additional coverage through payroll deduction

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City Carrier Employment Requirements Include:

  1. Age Requirement
    18 years at the time of appointment or 16 years with a high school diploma.
  2. Citizenship
    Employees must be a United States citizen, a lawful permanent resident alien (i.e., possession of a “green card”), a citizen of American Samoa or any other territory owing permanent allegiance to the United States. Individuals solely granted asylum status, refugee status or conditional permanent resident status are not eligible for Postal Service employment.
  3. Employment History
    Applicants must provide the names of their current employer and all previous employers for the 10-year period immediately preceding the date of application or to their 16th birthday, whichever is most recent.
  4. Drug Screen
    A qualification for postal employment is to be drug free, and is determined through a urinalysis drug screen.

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Contact your local office to apply for a position as a City Mail Carrier. Click here to locate the nearest Post Office in your area.

You may also visit to apply for a job with the US Post Office.